About MEMC


Helping men with the challenges of marriage restoration, separation or divorce.

What Does Men Empowering Men Canada Provide?


  • Support without condemnation or judgement
  • A safe environment with confidentiality to tell your story
  • Encouragement to overcome abandonment and loneliness
  • Focus to help you move forward through your grief journey
  • Exposure to forgiveness, faith, balance and harmony in your life



  • Communication tools to express anger and frustration
  • Help with accepting the circumstances you face
  • Endorsed providers of professional development and mentors
  • Passion for life and help you to realize your life purpose
  • Sense of pride, dignity and self worth to move on


MEMC provides you with a plan for these challenges as it can be a confusing and overwhelming time.

You are not alone!

   There are many things we can do to influence our outcomes besides involving the legal system.

This is a confidential and safe place where you can share your story so we may help you with your journey.

Forgiveness is the core of the program.


Would you like to learn more? Drop us a note!