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    • Private: Logging Minutes

      Those moments are special when we spend them with a child we haven’t seen in a long time…

      How do you explain your excitement of just spending time with your child that you haven’t seen in awhile? In some cases it could be weeks,months or even years. As a dad there is no feeling like it!

      Kevin and I have both been here with our own kids.Lets here from you how long it has been since you seen them.

      We also can help you through the nerve racking time waiting for that time to spend with them.

      We know that trying to explain this situation to a person who goes home with their kids every night will not get how you feel.

      But we do!

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    • Private: Restoration

      There is nothing like the feeling of finally restoring a relationship that has been in conflict…

      You will at some point get opportunities to restore old relationships with family & friends.

      Again,forgiveness is a huge part of this to make it all work.

      Did you finally get to sit down face to face with your former spouse to chat about co-parenting without emotion and frustration? Did you spend some time with your kids?Were you able to have a coffee with your former brother in law and not feel like you were being judged? These are all things that need to happen. If you have children you will be seeing these people throughout your life so why not make the most of it? It takes years to help heal those old wounds but I encourage you to take the first step forward and be the one to initiate the restoration.

      Once you do, there will nothing to hide!

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    • Private: War Room

      What is your war room?

      We have found that each person has a different vision of a war room.

      Does it include your hopes and dreams? Is it similar to a positive vision board?

      Depending on your grief cycle and personality type it may reflect your needs of today but also include what you are wishing for in the future.

      Are there inspirations,quotes and thought provoking faith building ideas to make you feel comfortable?

      Kevin had an actual room in his  basement that he had inscriptions,pictures,prayers materials on the walls. He would sit in a chair and just review and be in thought and prayer.Kevin is also a man that can verbalize way better than writing things out.We spent hundreds of hours talking out our frustrations.One way or another you need to connect with some one to get through your grief cycle.

      I,Mike had a different program.At first I needed the physical release of exercise.I dove deeper into my faith and the bible.I gained wisdom wherever I could.I spoke with lawyers and psychologists. I hungered for answers and when I exhausted all those people I went to self development seminars. I began to learn what I didn’t know.My war room was to feed my mind to figure out how to get through the grief cycle I was in.

      What does this look like to you?

      What are your thoughts in your head? You need to get your thoughts organized. We all need the outlet and a place to go.

      Feel welcome to post them on the WAR ROOM tab. You may inspire others by being open and honest.Try it.

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