We understand how frustrating it is to discuss separation or divorce with someone who has never experienced it themselves. 

We have been there and understand! 


Ultimately, it would be great to see all marriages restored and we are here to help you through your restoration journey.

We realize that this is not always possible and once all of your efforts are exhausted to restore we continue to help by providing an environment of Hope towards the future for all of those who are suffering from rejection, abandonment and loss. 

What you are experiencing:

We recognize there is a grief cycle that occurs with divorce. We prefer to call it a “grief journey”. Your story helps us connect with you on that journey of ups and downs. You don’t need to go through this alone. There are many men in a divorce. Some men have just begun their journey. Others are years or decades into it and can’t move on.

We are here to help you become productive again.

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We have been there:

Divorce knocks the wind out of your sails. You feel pressured from your wife, finances or the legal system. It makes you feel worthless. At times, you don’t have the opportunity to deal with one situation and are slammed into the next. You don’t have a voice or feel that your opinion matters and just want a break from it all. 

We will connect you with the right people to help navigate through these circumstances.

Take that first step to connect and receive access to information to help you navigate through your separation and divorce. 

We are here to help:

Each day can bring new challenges to overcome and we will give you the encouragement to pull through to the next challenge. By planting “seeds of hope” for a better tomorrow we can show you how to balance life and inspire a positive belief system so you may be productive in your “new” way of family life.

Questions? Contact Mike att info@memc.ca