Resolution Overview

 MEMC can provide legal information but does not provide legal advice. We provide an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) to your separation or divorce. However, if desired we will show different ways to work through the court system. Lawyers do not need to be involved in the divorce process except for when legal advice may be needed. They may also be required to finalize the separation agreements. Not all men can afford or want a lawyer and there are ways to be successful without one.


MEMC highly recommends mediation and is a facilitator of the process. We will help you and your family with mediation to settle the divorce. This can easily be done online via Zoom which is a great way to keep conflict and anxiety to a minimum. Mediating a divorce costs 80-90% less than with lawyers, it is much easier on the well being of the children and is completed in a fraction of the time than a litigated divorce.

Self Representation

If mediation is not accepted, self representation is another option towards settling your divorce. We will help you with a plan and provide knowledgeable support for the next steps. After years of experience in helping men we now have a clearer understanding of the court system. We are there to give the men the emotional support they need to go through this journey so they do not feel alone. 

If, along the way, you choose to retain a lawyer we can help provide input in how to work with them. This prevents fighting unnecessary battles and keeps your costs way down. 

Asset Valuators

 It is important to consider the tax laws when splitting assets. We will refer you to general accountants familiar with those laws to prevent unexpected costs once everything is completed and signed off.They are happy to have a consultation with you to get started.  

If businesses are involved it makes divorce even more challenging. It is important to have some one who fully understand business law or how to properly remove a partner from a corporation.

We realize there are many factors to determine the value of a business. MEMC will refer you to the right people to get a proper valuation completed. This is a simple process that can save you money and ensure no regrets later on.

Affidavit Access

MEMC will eventually have thousands of affidavits to access so men can compare court rulings towards similar marriage situations.

Endorsed Providers Directory

We will have a directory with endorsed professionals to help you along your journey.

Legal Chat Forums

Soon to be added are chat forums for men to discuss their experiences in the court process. 

MEMC Long Term Goals

To lobby government with our information to make changes in the system where it is failing for the men.