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This is the first step to getting access to all the Hope, Leadership and Legal help you may need.

It allows us to understand where you are in your own journey so we may help you where you are at.

It gives you access to the chat forums where you can participate to find the information you need to get through the current situation you are dealing with right now. Accessing your children, coping mechanisms for the grief you may be experiencing or how to respond to your former spouse will all be available in the chat forums. Whatever concerns there are with divorce you will find it here.

You will be in a positive and safe environment to express your concerns and ask questions.

By joining you will have access to all kinds of information pertaining to divorce and how to navigate through it.

We started Men Empowering Men Canada because we are men who:

  • are experiencing the pain and challenges of a divorce 
  • recognize that there is a grief journey that needs to be managed and it may last indefinitely
  • took on our divorces alone for the first while and soon realized that we gained incredible strength in our lives when we teamed up to listen and support one another by sharing knowledge and insight. 
  • need to be sounding boards and bounce ideas off each other for better outcomes.
  • know it is like speaking a foreign language to get someone who hasn’t been through a divorce to understand our mental, physical, financial and current situations.
  • recognize the abandonment and isolation by our relatives and children and to help men understand why family members reacted the way they did and still are acting based on the psychological side of it.
  • want to allow the men to be heard and connected with no matter their history
  • also know that men tire very quickly from being pushed from all sides as they feel they have lost control of their own lives with no one available to turn to for answers they are seeking
  • would like to energize the men in a positive direction, so they can achieve success mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually and financially for themselves so they can provide their obligated support payments
  • see the lack of answers from the legal system and feel their frustration towards it
  • know we gain a voice when we all stand together to change what is wrong in the system
  • have a goal that so others will gain their freedom and rights back with a different outlook on life
  • can change our belief system through a process to make it a behaviour
  • also know that with Men Empowering Men they will not stay a slave to the system they feel that controls them.

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